The Gunns 20 Case

A Victory for Tasmania’s Forests

A Victory for Free Speech

On December 13, 2004, 20 environmental activists, organisations and concerned citizens were sued by the Tasmanian logging company Gunns Ltd. The woodchipping giant claimed AU$6.9 million for actions it claimed damaged their business and reputation.

Three days later Gunns announced plans for a controversial pulp mill in Northern Tasmania.

On 1 February 2010 after 5 years and 48 days the case collapsed. The end, just days before trial, followed Gunns agreeing to pay the remaining 4 defendants $155,088.

The case was a disaster for Gunns. The company paid $1.3 million in defendants’ legal costs and stated in 2009 its own costs amount to $2.8 million. Gunns obtained just $205,000 in settlements with the Wilderness Society and limited undertakings about future protests from 5 defendants.

This website contains media reports, court documents and other information about this landmark case.

Gunns attempt to stifle the campaign to save Tasmania’s forests failed. The campaign continues. For more information visit the following websites:

Huon Valley Environment Centre

The Wilderness Society

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